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At Three One Six Digital, we bring ideas to life with standout graphic designs. Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, we’re all about creating visuals that speak to people. Our team is focused on making designs that look great and tell your brand’s story.

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Comprehensive branding package designed by Three One Six Digital, featuring letterhead, signs, and other corporate identity materials, showcasing our ability to create cohesive and impactful brand visuals for businesses in Flagstaff.Eye-catching flyers designed by Three One Six Digital for local businesses in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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First Impressions Matter

It takes just 10 seconds for consumers to form a first impression of a brand’s logo, but it takes 5-7 impressions for consumers to recognize the logo (Action Card). This underscores the need for a logo that is not only memorable but also makes a strong first impression.

Increase revenue

Consistency across all brand platforms can increase revenue by up to 23% (Forbes). This statistic emphasizes the importance of a cohesive brand identity, including logos, color schemes, typography, and messaging.

Scenic view of Mount Baker in Washington, captured by Three One Six Digital, showcasing our nationwide photography skills.