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Shaping Tomorrow’s Marketing Landscapes!

At Three One Six Digital, we offer the full spectrum of marketing expertise—from web design and branding to videography and advertising. Our mission? To equip your brand with a distinct digital identity, ensuring you stand out in today's crowded marketplace. Experience the efficiency, quality, and tangible results of a full-scale marketing department, tailored to fit your needs.

An image displaying a website mockup for Gloryview Ranch, a local Flagstaff ranch, featuring a user-friendly layout and scenic imagery that captures the essence of the ranch's serene environment and activities. This design emphasizes the beauty and appeal of Flagstaff's natural landscapes, tailored to attract visitors and showcase the ranch's offerings.
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Why should you work with us?

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Real Results

Three One Six Digital combines expertise with dedication to ensure excellence and real results.

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Tailored Solutions

By taking the time to understand what makes it tick, we tailor our approach to ensure a perfect fit.

We're an extensionof your team

By keeping everything under one roof you maintain a higher standard of quality than industry giants and save money at the same time.  We strive for impeccable quality, at unbeatable prices, so that you can rest easy at night knowing your business is ready for whatever life throws at you.

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“Our goal is to make it so that you don't have to get in the weeds of your marketing, and to free you up to focus on the part of your business you care about!"

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Silas Willoughby
Founder & Designer
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An image captured by Three One Six Digital for the marketing of The Urban Shave in Flagstaff, showcasing the exterior of the barbershop with its modern yet inviting facade set against the urban backdrop of downtown Flagstaff.

Take your digital presence to the next level

In today’s digital age, a modern and innovative digital presence can cause your business to stand on an echelon above your competitors.

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Hear what our amazing customers say about us

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Highly Recommend

We hired 316 Digital to provide a series of videos for our company. They were professional, punctual, flexible. They were great with our staff - I felt like they looked like movie stars and our company's vision really shined through the videos. Will be working with them again. Highly recommend!

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San Jose, CA
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High Integrity

Silas does fantastic work! He communicates well, has high integrity, understands the objectives of his clients, and works with great diligence! Our current success is directly tied to the work Silas does for us! I highly recommend!

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Gloryview Ranch
Parks, AZ
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Outstanding Job

They did an outstanding job putting our website together! Silas sat down with us in person and gave us excellent ideas with it. I highly recommend you utilize them for your website design! They’ll walk you through the process with patience.

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Exceeded Expectations

Silas designed a complex website as well as an instructional video for us. His work is fantastic and he exceeded expectations. He communicated well throughout the process, was professional, timely, and able to take all of our ideas and streamline them. I would highly recommend him!

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Flagstaff, AZ
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Silas was great to work with and the quality of his web designing and production of short video ads was superior.  I use to do web designing myself so I am critical of other designers' work.  Silas' work was exceptional.

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Lori Matthews
Flagstaff, AZ
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Did Amazing Work

Helped with all the website design and marketing for my business, Mills Family Meats. Did amazing work and significantly increased our customers and overall business. Still get complements on the professional quality of the website and the marketing insight and results was the best out of any business I have worked with. Highly recommend there services.

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Mills Family Meats
Duvall, WA
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A game changer for us

Recently I had the pleasure of having Silas at ThreeOneSixDigital build a website for my electrical business. He is very skilled in his craft and is very professional! The website turned out absolutely amazing, it really makes my buisness stand out from the competition!! I will definitely use Silas on any projects in the future!

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Sophie Moore
New York, NY