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From an idea to 250k a year with Ponderosa Pathways

From an idea to 250k a year with Ponderosa Pathways

At Three One Six Digital, we embarked on a transformative project with Ponderosa Pathways, a snow removal company based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our local roots in the area allowed us to understand and meet their unique market needs effectively.


Brand Development
Web Design
From an idea to 250k a year with Ponderosa Pathways

Project overview

Our team at Three One Six Digital was tasked with elevating Ponderosa Pathways’ brand presence in the competitive snow removal market of Flagstaff, Arizona. Our comprehensive approach involved creating a distinctive logo, developing a cohesive brand identity, launching an intuitive website, and executing a highly successful marketing campaign. Our efforts resulted in such a substantial increase in business that Ponderosa Pathways requested a pause in marketing activities due to the overwhelming response.

Project execution

The strategy devised by Three One Six Digital for Ponderosa Pathways was multifaceted. We focused on the following key areas to achieve an exceptional market presence:

  1. Brand Identity Creation: We designed a logo and brand identity that visually represented Ponderosa Pathways’ commitment to reliability and excellence in snow removal services.
  2. Website Development: A clean, navigable website was developed to ensure a seamless user experience, driving customer engagement and retention.
  3. Marketing Campaign: Our targeted marketing efforts utilized digital channels to maximize reach and efficiency, leading to an influx of new clients.
  4. Demand Management: The campaign was so effective that we implemented measures to manage the unprecedented demand for Ponderosa Pathways' services.

Project results

The collaboration between Three One Six Digital and Ponderosa Pathways yielded remarkable results. Not only did we create a compelling brand identity and digital presence, but our marketing strategies also propelled the company to the forefront of the snow removal industry in Flagstaff, Arizona. The campaign's success was evidenced by the rapid growth of the client base and the need to modulate the marketing efforts to maintain quality service delivery.